What Sunscreens are Best for Infants?

Smiling young professional wearing blue-framed glasses and a sharp blue suit with a striped tie, projecting confidence and approachability.

Infants and young children have an increased sensitivity to sun and UV rays. At the same time, many chemical sunscreens can be irritating to their thin and developing skin and can burn if they get in their eyes. The best options for sunscreens are ones that contain only physical blockers like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Two of my favorite brands are Vanicream 50+ and Elta 47.
elta md uv pure broad sunscreenVanicream-sunscreen


In addition to sunscreens, physical blockers like hats, sun shirts and shade are great for infants. My kids love their full body sun-protective swimsuits from Coolibar. Pair a Coolibar swimsuit with a broad brimmed hat and some Elta 47 and you have a recipe for infant fun at the beach or pool!

dr creswell with sone
Dr. Creswell and his son practicing sun safety at the pool!

-Dr. Creswell

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