How Does Light Treatment Work for Psoriasis?

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People have known for years that natural sunlight helps with psoriasis. The problem is that the full spectrum of UV rays that are present in natural sunbeds and commercial tanning beds may also lead to skin cancer. Narrowband medical light booths and lasers can help to clear psoriasis with minimal increased risk for skin cancer. These light therapies work by inhibiting the immune cells in the top layer of the skin that are responsible for psoriasis. Because the light rays do not penetrate deeper than the thickness of a piece of paper there is no significant internal risk to these therapies.

Dermatology Specialists has two light treatments that work great for psoriasis. Our narrowband UVB booth shines light on the entire body and is helpful for people who have large areas of their body covered with psoriasis. Our excimer laser focuses a higher dose of light on smaller areas and is great for psoriasis that is localized to smaller areas or for psoriasis that is on the scalp. Schedule an appointment with one of our board-certified dermatologists today to see if light therapy is a good option for your psoriasis!

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-Dr. Creswell

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